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Basic Specifications:
Surgical Grade 316L Stainless Steel
Automatic Calibre - Miyota 9015
120 Click uni-directional bezel
44mm diameter
Automatic Helium Escape Valve (Operates at 5 atm pressure inside)
Water Resistance: 30 ATM / 300 meters
Sapphire Crystal (Single side anti-reflective coated)
Weight : 236 g (Full linked Barcelet) Price $279 (brushed)

Packaging and First Impressions: This is my first chance to take a close look at a watch model from Obris Morgan. Wow, was my first thought out of of the box and while I was completing the video portion of the review. How can a watch company release a watch this good looking with quality specifications under $300? On top of the watch just being flat out cool, the packaging is excellent as well. The watch comes in a dive case along with some goodies such as a cleaning cloth, nylon strap, extra screw lug bar and a screw driver, as well as, the typical warranty and instructional materials one would expect. I am an advocate of no nonsense packaging but I also appreciate the extreme packaging as well especially when a lot of extras are included. I'm still sort of shaking my head at the $279 price tag with everything you get on this one.

Case: The case is made of 316L Stainless Steel with a brushed finish throughout. The case measures 43mm (44mm including the bezel) and slightly over 47mm including the crown. The case is slightly over 12mm in overall thickness which is actually fairly thin for an automatic dive watch. The lug to lug measures almost 53mm and the lug width 22mm. Combining the specifications along with a rather hefty 236 grams in overall weight the watch is going to have a good amount of wrist presence. I am really glad that Obris Morgan opted for a fully brushed finish because it just makes it look like a serious tool watch.

A 7mm x 4mm signed screw down crown is positioned at the 3 position between crown guards. The crown is extremely easy to grasp and engages quite smoothly with no play or wiggle in any position. Winding the movement is also quite smooth with absolutely no grinding. A Helium Release Value (HEV) is located on the non crown side of the case. I really like the downward angular slope of the lugs, rather than just a simple round case shape, which allows the watch to conform to the wrist. After really looking over the case many may see a resemblance to some of the great German designed cases such as Fricker and Ickler, similar yet different. So if you like those designs this model will feel right at home on your wrist for certain.

Bezel, Crystal, Dial and Hands: The Pradata comes equipped with a a 120 click unidirectional bezel. The bezel on this particular watch is quite solid with precise clicks and no play in either direction. While the clicks are precise I have on a few occasions knocked it out of place so keep an eye on that if you would by chance use it for diving. The only lume on the bezel is the pip. The pip is raised slightly above the bezel so it would be susceptible to getting knocked off. The lume pip is one of only two areas of this model that I would change up slightly as I'd much prefer the pip to be set into the bezel completely as I'm almost certain at some point I'm going to knock it off as it is currently.

The watch is fitted with a 3.5mm thick sapphire crystal with an inner Anti-Reflective (AR) coating. The AR seems to be pretty good on this model as I had very little difficulty with photography and the video in regards to glare. Beneath the almost 31mm dial opening is a nice blue dial with lume markers surrounding the dial at the primary hour positions. The dial is extremely clean and uncluttered with minimal information painted on the dial. The company name painted above center dial with model and water resistance painted below center dial each in an appropriate font based on the overall dial layout. All the markers on the dial and the hands are well lumed. I wouldn't mind a bit more surface area for the lume but overall I can't really complain. An outlined white date window is positioned at the 4 o'clock position which is of good size for legibility and even with my impared eyesight can tell the time easily. The skeletonized handset is brushed to match the case finishing and filled with a good amount of C3 Superluminova including the second hand near the tip. Overall the model has a really attractive dial layout and appearance.

Case Back and Movement: The case back is screwed down to the case through traditional threading design. The company logo is etched in the middle with various other specification etched around the perimeter. Beneath the case back is the popular Miyota 9015 which has proven to be as durable as the Miyota 8215 at this point while also providing the hacking feature lacking on the 8215. The movement has been easily +/- 10 seconds a day since delivery which is great for a Miyota automatic.

Bracelet: The Pradata comes with a very nice (5) five link 22/22mm solid stainless steel bracelet with solid end links also brushed to match the case finishing, as well as, a tan 3 ring nylon strap. Initially the Pradata was only going to be offered with a strap but Obris Morgan went back to the design board and had end links machined to fit the model perfectly so a bracelet can be offered. This watch is meant to be on a bracelet giving it that great tool watch appearance. The links are connected using single sided screw bars which I greatly prefer as they are just much easier to size most time than double headed screw bars plus reduces operator error in regards to scratching up the sides of the links. The bracelet links are slightly over 4mm thick. Overall truly a very substantial bracelet offered on this model. The dive clasp is the other area of this model I'd love to change up ever so slightly and I'll get into that in just a moment. The clasp is a push button diver's flip lock with safety signed with the Obris Morgan logo. I really like that 3 micro adjustments are offered since no half links are provided. So what would I change up? Well, I'd prefer to see this model fitted with the ratcheting clasp used by many other brands. I really think it is important for a dive watch to have a dive extension which this model lacks. I also like the ease of sizing a ratcheting clasp offers because even after you get a good fit a wrist will swell at times due to heat and humidity so it is nice to be able to just flip a switch so to speak to add or subtract as needed.

Lume: The lume on this model of the Pradata is C3 Superluminova which is applied evenly at the primary hour markers and on the hands. It really lights up like a torch as one would expect with C3 and has a strong afterglow well into the morning hours. Some of the other models offer white C1 superluminova but I much prefer the C3 to C1. I would like to see all watch companies to move away from C1 and use BGW9 which still has a great white appearance but is much more intense for a longer period than C1. Anyhow, the C3 is perfect for this model and glows brightly.

On the Wrist: Photos on my 7 3/4 inch wrist below. The model has a real nice feel and appearance as the lug angle downward at the edges conforming to the wrist nicely. I really appreciate the low profile that the case design offers as well.

Summary: I have a strong conviction that the Pradata is a great watch and a superb value. As with all Obris Morgan watches expect a great presentation case and some great extras (screw driver, extra lug bar, cleaning cloth). On top of the nice extras the watch model itself comes with a awesome case design, especially if you like the well known German style cases out there, a great looking (5) five link bracelet, screw down crown, sapphire crystal, as well as a Miyota 9015 movement all for an incredible price point of $279. The blasted models and DLC models also are available at $289-$299. Any of the choices would truly be hard to beat in regards to price and specifications by today's standards. I can only think of a few watch companies out there that even come close to providing as nice of a watch at these price points but even the ones that come to mind do not ante up all the extras. My only significant finding that I would say is lacking is the clasp as I would much prefer a ratcheting clasp as they provide so much flexibility with sizing plus a dive watch really should have an extension of some sort. I can't imagine anyone though being disappointed with the Pradata in any way truly. Great overall value.

Thank you for reading and please take a moment to check out the video of the Pradata in the post below.


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