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Author : StephenTuffatore

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I have to admit that I was late to the bronze game a few years ago. It wasn’t that long ago that I had horse blinders on when it came to certain designs and materials used. Thankfully I expanded my horizons and don’t limit myself whatsoever now. Experiencing all that diverse watch world has to offer is truly rewarding and inspiring. From the classics to the unique and everything in between, all have a place somewhere in my opinion. Allow me to get back to the bronze game here, which I absolutely love now and has become my second favorite material for a watch case. What’s not to like? You have an ever changing case, scratches and dents build character and with very little work you have the option to restore the case to it’s original patina free look.Today I have the opportunity to explore a watch from a company that I have been after for awhile now having missed out on their previous models.

As it seems to me, Obris Morgan channeled the 20,000 leagues under the sea mystique well with their Nautilus watch here. The bronze beauty arrived safely thanks in part to the orange, waterproof case it was shipped in. Made of extremely durable plastic, the case is also lined with soft foam which is a combo that allows ultimate protection during the shipping process. I quickly popped the two latches to get to the watch as a kid handles a birthday present. There was the Nautilus sitting oh so pretty, just begging to be handled. What did I notice first with this bronze beauty? The bezel. Why the bezel? That answer is easy, because of it’s unique cogwheel shape. It looks like it was removed from the Nautilus ship itself. The shape allows extremely easy grip when operating the unidirectional rotating bezel. It has very precise action and there is  no extra play. Exactly how I prefer my bezel to be on a watch. Painted lumed triangle at the 12 o’clock position, with black filled numerals circling the bezel itself.

The 41mm Cusn8 bronze case has some key features that complement this watch brilliantly and features that I definitely wouldn’t change at all. Let me start with the Nautilus’ curved lugs which are beautifully brushed and tappered. I like Obris Morgan’s choice to drill the lugs for the strap pins. This not only allows for an easier strap change, but it adds detail to the profile of the watch. The screw down stainless steel is simple yet beautiful in its simplicity, reminds me of those vintage case backs of the divers of yesteryear. Hands down this crown is my favorite part on the Nautilus case. Oversized, signed, easy to grip edges, what’s not to love?!? I really like the vintage design of no crown guards and how the crown sits away from the case. It truly is one of the easiest operating crowns that I have experienced, both in grip and functional. The Nautilus wears with absolute comfort and retains some great wrist presence despite it’s 41mm case.

I was so happy with how my dial choices came out in the flesh when I received the Nautilus. I opted for the black sunburst dial, with the orange minute hand, and with the matte finish hands. All those choices come together in beautiful horological harmony in my personal opinion. (Yes slightly biased since those were my choices). The details that were not my choices also work extremely well in terms of aesthetics and in terms of function. Despite the smaller case size and dial circumference, to my delight the Nautilus dial is very legible. I like the sharp triangular applied markers which add a nice level of depth to the dial. The uniformity that is created by the white hour, minute, second crisp white markers that are set against the black dial allow for optimal legibility in all lighting situations and in all angle situations. Don’t worry about dark situations because Obris Morgan has you covered thanks to the generous serving of SuperLumiNova that can also be found on the hands. If you have to include a date window then do it how OM did it here on the Nautilus, match the dial color to the date window and match the printed numerals to the markers on the dial.

This is definitely a great option for someone looking to get in on the bronze game, that is size conscious and budget concerned. I really enjoy tnis this watch. It is a great value for what you get. The straps are great, especially the canvas strap. I love that the Miyota 9015 movement is secured with a stainless steel movement holder and that it is anti-magnetic. I absolutely despise cheap plastic movement holders. Horological blasphemy in my opinion. The triple seal screw down crown gives you that added security for water resistant peace of mind. The slightly raised anti-reflective sapphire crystal gives you the perfect view of the dial at all angles.  So yes, at $379 USD you get a watch packed with details and quality features that aren’t found on a lot of watches that have a much higher asking price. Obris Morgan absolutely nailed it with the Nautilus in my opinion. Is there anything that I would change or improve upon? Nope. If I have to go extremely nit picky to find something, then I would suggest a no date dial option. I own a lot of bronze watches, but the Nautilus without a doubt has a place among my other bronze watches.

Thank you so much for reading and as always your questions and comments are welcome below..

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